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So much green!

Having just spent a week sketching in the Derbyshire Dales I thought I would share with you my latest concertina book. I love the way I am able to let one page flow into another, rather than creating separate stand alone pieces. The beauty of the concertina book is that you can open it right up and see your whole week of walking, looking and sketching in one go!

Derbyshire concertina sketchbook opened up

For me this experience was about the drama of the weather; blustery sunny skies, rain showers, thick mist and rainbows, and once all at the same time! Standing on top of Man Tor, looking miles over the valleys of fields on both sides I was struck by the sheer quantity of greens. Soft moss, acidic chartreuse, earthy olive greens and flashes of bright cobalt greens. Green is a colour I have often avoided exploring but, after a week of absorbing so much of it, I feel quite fired up about where it will lead me. For now I hope you enjoy looking trough my sketchbook pages.

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